Shunyavada Shunyavada: Shunyavada  is one of the most important schools of Buddhism. Nagarjuna cannot be called its founder because it was present before him in the Mahayana Sutras,  some of which are prior even to Ashvaghosa, and in Ashvaghosa. Nagarjuna is only the first systematic expounder of Shunyavada. However it is to the glory of … Read more

Shunyavada: Constructive Dialectic

Shunyavada: Constructive Dialectic Shunyavada: Constructive Dialectic, Nagarjuna defines Reality (tattva) as that which can only be directly realized, that which is Calm and Blissful, that where all plurality is merged, that where all cries of intellect are satisfied, that which is the Non-dual Absolute.   Buddha’s teaching relates to two aspects of Truth— the empirical and … Read more